'I'm so nervous about markets!'

After seeing COVID-19 batter industries worldwide and further precautions being announced to slow the viral spread in the form of event closures and advised restrictions on social interaction only putting more uncertainty on global markets, no-bludy-wonder you're nervous about your investments. 'What's going to happen to my money?' 'Should I leave my funds in?' 'Should I take them out?' .... or my personal favorite 'You tell me what to do...' In a lot cases, clients have called re-iterating points I've explained over recent months. In a few cases, they've even recited points from the financial strategy we had put in place for them at the start - Meaning they know what to do but they just want to talk it over with me to help feel better in uncertain times. Completely understable (and rather enjoyable), who doesn't like to talk over difficult situations. Firstly, relax. Take a breathe and reduce the background noise. As part of your financial plan, you should have enough cash set aside - or as we sometimes call your 'sleep well at night' cash. The first ray of hope I'll put out there is - historically speaking, markets tend to settle upwards the only exception for this was the 1990 Japanese market crash. Simply speaking, you have two options, withdraw any investments and encash the loss or choose to wait out for the market recovery (please remember nothing is guaranteed and no one can tell you how long the recovery will take). There are also various strategies you could put in place to achieve these outcomes with different results but keeping it simple either option could be right, it's down to what's right for each individual. There is a third option - That goes completely against the psychological pull. With markets having fallen this could be seen as an opportunity to buy more for less. That's right, invest more and ride the recovery-wave out. This isn't right for everyone so please speak to you adviser and always ensure that you have enough 'sleep at night' cash available. Any questions, as always, feel free to contact me. ** This is not advice **

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