COVID-19 on Investments...

In summary, no one knows exactly how much of an effect will have on markets and share prices, obviously there will be a legitimate effect on global performance but we also need to bare in mind the immediate behavioural effect on global economics. Historically speaking markets tend to settle upwards meaning it's best to focus on your long term goal rather than listen to the short term noise. When talking with your financial planner you'll have discussed and devised a method of investing, saving and cash sum (or what ever specifics you went to see he or she about) that is suited to your needs and long term objectives.

No matter how robust the strategy it would not have been able to predict or plan for an outbreak of an unknown wet snake, dry monkey virus from the far east. However markets, platform, advisers, fund managers have been through these types of experiences before. Try to relax and stick to your long term strategy, the chances are either way you look at it now will not be the best time to alter it. Most importantly speak to your adviser, discuss with them any concerns on your mind and see what they say. *This is not advice*

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